• 14/10/2016

    Liberation Day international premiere at IDFA 2016

    Saturday, November 19 int. premiere screening in Rabozaal features exclusive Laibach concert.
    In August 2015, cult band and self-defined “engineers of human souls” LAIBACH becomes the first foreign rock group ever to perform in the secretive state of North Korea. The occasion – or pretext, depending on your point of view – was the 70th anniversary of Liberation Day, marking the end of Japanese colonial rule in 1945. A Latvian-Norwegian film team is given unprecedented access to follow this controversial band and the process of setting up the historic concert inside what is often labelled as the most isolated country in the world.

  • 21/09/2016

    Liberation Day at Films From the South Festival, Oslo Oct 6-16

    We are happy to announce the Norwegian premiere of Liberation Day, Saturday, October 8. Further screenings on Wed, Oct 12 and Sat, Oct 15. Check out the festival’s interview with Laibach North Korea concerts organiser and Liberation Day co-director Morten Traavik in Norwegian and English. Tickets available via the festival website from September 16. Willkommen, … Continue reading “Liberation Day at Films From the South Festival, Oslo Oct 6-16”