Industry heavyweight DOGWOOF comes on board for Liberation Day

With IDFA kicking off today Dogwoof, the UK’s leading documentary distributor and sales agent, takes Uģis Olte and Morten Traavik’s LIBERATION DAY about cult band Laibach’s concert in North Korea for international sales representation.

Dogwoof has theatrically released a huge range of award-winning and highly popular films including Blackfish, The Act of Killing, Weiner, Restrepo and The Age of Stupid.

“We are always looking for the stranger than fiction stories. It beggars belief what the filmmakers have managed to pull off, right in front of the watchful eyes of the North Korean party officials.” says Vesna Cudic, Head of Acquisitions and TV Sales, Dogwoof.

Morten Traavik, co-director and co-producer adds:  “Liberation Day is a mission that requires not only equal parts skills, experience, cool and audacity, but also a certain amount of fanaticism. We are thrilled to be teaming up with a sales agent who possesses all these qualities to a level matching that of the film itself. Dogwoof manse! (Korean: Long Live Dogwoof!)”