Succesful Liberation of Italy Kicks Off 2017 Festival Offensive

After a successful international premiere at IDFA in November, we are very happy and flattered that so many international film festivals and distributors are lining up for the coming year and beyond.

The first Liberated Territory in 2017 is Italy, where we were the opening film of Torino’s very cool music documentary festival Seeyousound. Again, both audience and critics responded very warmly. Some examples:

“An immensely engaging, smoothly edited (with clear music-video
influences) and highly polished account of an event that became historical simply due to the fact that it took place.”

“This very well-directed and entertaining movie is interesting from many points of view.”
Universal Movies

“A unique glimpse behind the ideological “wall” of North Korea. A precious document.”
Torino Oggi

“It’s about exactly that: a “liberation”, a reaction in the viewer – Western or North Korean – also regarding their own vision of the world.”
Rolling Stone Italy

English versions (Word Doc) of full Italian reviews LibDay here.