The Figurehead

"North Korea seems like a terrifying place to visit - but if it is really true that that guy is going to perform the Sound of Music, I kind of want to go there!" - John Oliver, Last Week Tonight Show, HBO

The First Lady

"I spent two weeks repeating the Korean lyrics to get it, and then changing it two days before the performance is like F**K - it's like a shot in the head, man."

The Director

"I'm not really that interested in peace. I'm interested in truth. But sometimes truth doesn't lead to peace. Truth leads to change."

The Supervisor

"We present a toxic matter to them. They don't really want to start to practise too much freedom for visitors simply to go around intoxicating their people...So I had had a bit of a walk around the city."

The Coordinator

"We'll do it later. Please. I beg you. Because many peoples are waiting."

The Official

"If Laibach visits the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, they would carry out a provocation and harm its socialist system."

The Record Producer

"It's probably one of the most significant, if not the most significant, concert I've seen since I started."

The Band

"All art is subject to political manipulation except that which speaks the language of the same manipulation."